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Who Do You Want to be As a Successful Person?

“Success is not to be pursued; it is to be attracted by the person you become.”   Jim Rohn

And maybe we should be thinking about what success means to each and every one of us. It can depend on our age, how we were brought up, cultural expectations and our own inner drive of what we want to do with our lives – in other words our purpose. Sometimes it can be that we are successful at certain things and get recognition for it, but in our ‘heart of hearts,’ that really doesn’t match our inner sense of what success is, so we don’t feel successful. What we have just achieved is a hollow result. Along the way of course we have had failures and it can be hard not to focus on that and judge ourselves because of it. But those failures might become your biggest successes. In this context, because Jim Rohn was a motivational personal development speaker, I will keep my thoughts to this arena.

I have CDs and even audio tapes of Jim Rohn talking about his ideas, and this idea that you have to grow yourself into a position can sound a bit idealistic in the context in which he worked. But if you were to think about your passage through the schooling system, you could not have coped with the work presented to you in your final year if you hadn’t gone through the preceding years to give you the foundation for the new material. When you take on a new job, you have to learn, not only about the work itself but also the culture of the organisation and make your way up the pecking order and the experience that gives you, before you can become the CEO. What Jim Rohn is talking about here, is no different. If we don’t have a good awareness of who we need to be to handle the success, then we’re not ready to take it on. Have we got a big enough belief in ourselves? Are we comfortable with criticism or constructive advice from those around us? Do we think we deserve to be successful? If not then we may procrastinate, we may do things that block our success. Are you aware of what your success goals are and who you need to be to achieve them?

Enjoy celebrating success!

“When People Are Determined They Can Overcome Anything.”

“When people are determined they can overcome anything.”   Nelson Mandala

And he should know, one would think. He certainly overcame a lot of political resistance in South Africa to become the first black President. He spent 27 years in prison for his beliefs around non-apartheid and political offences. That shows pretty strong determination to ‘stick to his guns.’ Are you aware of times when your own determination has got you what you wanted, maybe not straight away but definitely worked at some point? There is a Universal Law called the ‘Law of Gender,’ which states that everything that comes into existence has a timeline. For example we all know roughly how long a baby seed takes to grow in the womb until birth. We know how long a carrot seed takes but we don’t always know how long our ideas, seeds, take to come to fruition. We can get impatient and stop having faith in our idea to work out.

I have talked regularly about having gratitude for things and people in our lives on a daily basis. Have I also impressed on you that having gratitude for something that hasn’t materialized yet is showing faith that we know it will, it is just a matter of time. Does that sound like something you are familiar with? Do you think that if you stayed determined in your belief, that what you wanted was going to happen, it would manifest when the time is right? The fact that it hasn’t manifested yet does not mean it isn’t going to, but yes you do have to play your part, be determined, have faith and believe that you can overcome any obstacles.

Enjoy overcoming anything with determination!

Are You focusing on the Inside Job?

“You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside.”  Wayne Dyer

Right from the first time I heard about personal development, whoever was speaking would say the same thing in a different way. What it all boiled down to was, our thoughts create our feelings which then create our actions and our results. If we then let those results affect what we are thinking then we just perpetuate that cycle of the same thoughts over and over. Most of us have been brought up to believe that we can’t make changes, but the new information that is coming out all the time, is telling us that our brains are plastic – able to be moulded, moulded to whatever idea we want, that connects strongly with our feelings and creates a high vibration. Wayne Dyer has repeated this message from all sorts of people who have written books or other texts that have influenced him to put his stamp on this belief about how the universe operates in all of us with that concept.

I recently pulled out an old set of CDs of his where he was doing a stage show with Byron Katie who has her process called, ‘The Work.’ If you are interested in seeing her operate with people, asking them the 4 questions and then the ‘turn around,’ put her name into the ‘you tube’ search bar. This process she does, helps people make huge transformations in their lives. But none of it has anything to do with the outside, it is all about what is going on inside of us. There may well be things going on outside of us that we don’t like, but we can change how we see them and their effect on us. We can change our thoughts about them and notice how we are affected when we believe our thoughts and how we are affected when we can reframe, refocus and redirect those thoughts. We can stop feeling like a victim and move on to a more fulfilling life.

Enjoy controlling what’s going on in the inside.