” A Spoon Full of Sugar Makes the World Go Round!”

“Show kindness through your face, your eyes, your smile and through the warmth of your greetings. Don’t only give your care but, but give your heart as well.”   Mother Teresa


Everywhere we are reading that “these are unprecedented times.” Mother Teresa’s life was a constant inspiration of leadership in the times of need that she faced, as she showed physically what she spoke of. A few years ago I had a trip to India & we were taken into one of the children’s homes she visited & worked in. By our standards that home was primitive, but those children looked well looked after & judging by the smiles on the faces of the carers they were getting the warmth & love they needed. I know there are some sceptical people out there who would say that was all a show for us to give them dollars so they can continue. But I’m choosing to be kind & believe that the children are top of their priority list. Getting money to provide the care is part of that.


The Dalai Lama talks of that state of kindness, as compassion, and the times of the people he leads in a foreign country are far from the comfortable situations that most of us are in. When I saw them each evening walking around their place of worship in their national costume, I felt a certain level of peace about them that I don’t feel in most of the western world.


Even our own Prime Minister here in New Zealand kept reminding us to be kind to our fellow travellers as we went through the wave of Covid. We are all so different and we handle the stresses of life differently. We all need to connect with others in the human race, but for some it is about their biology. They can become ill if they can’t connect with others daily. Others have the biology that thrives on the peace and quiet and probably couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about for those who had to rely on the computer for their daily fix of companionship. Being kind to one another is about understanding that because we are biologically different we all have different needs. No one else on this planet is exactly like us.


Enjoy showing compassion and kindness to everyone you come in contact with!

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