Aare You Using Your Memories to Best Advantage for You?

“I use memories, but I do not allow memories to use me.”  Lord Shiva

I found this quote on the ‘Tapping Solution’ app. They are about to run a challenge called, “You Are Enough.” I have used EFT or Meridian Tapping since I started on this coaching journey. It was what an energy healer used with me when I went to her for help when I was feeling so low, anxious & fearful. So this turn-around is a memory that I want to keep & use over and over. I want to remember how helpful it was when I was feeling so stuck.

We all have patterns of behaviour in response to what is coming up inside of us. We created these strategies when we were very young & they were all about keeping us safe. Every hurt, no matter how big or small, creates a strategy to cope with life. Strategies are resources that serve us in survival times. They are needed and allow us to survive. However as we get older and no longer in that survival experience these strategies or patterns are no longer needed. We don’t want those memories to ‘use’ us and create the patterns that we repeat over and over. We can however use them, to remind us that we don’t need those specific behaviours any more.

As an adult we don’t always realise that it is these strategies developed as a child that are driving all our behaviours and ways of being. Now that the scientific world has found that our brains are not static as once thought, but that they are plastic, in other words mouldable, we can choose to make the changes to those strategies that we want. This is where Tapping can come in – it is just one technique that people find helpful and because I am one of them I may use it with my clients as needed. If this challenge sounds like something that appeals, google The Tapping Solution challenge.

Enjoy changing those habits of a lifetime!

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