Are You a Risk Taker?

“Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go.”   T S Elliot

One of the things I’ve done over the years, is take to the ski slopes on 2 skinny planks of wood. I started at an older age than some kids do these days and I know that until my skill improved I was definitely quite fearful. I would see little kids racing down the hill out of control without any apparent fear to hold them back. Once my skill improved, I also got a sense of a carefree, gay abandon especially when racing down the hill with a bunch of others who were also testing their boundaries. At the end of the day though I didn’t have the desire to spend lots of time weathering winter after winter to improve my skills to a point where I could race at a competitive level. I was content to have my skiing as a pleasurable past time not at a professional level.

But maybe there are some other things I could have pushed myself to do that would have gained different results. What about You? If you haven’t reached for your full potential in something, do you know why? Is it because of fear? Is it because you haven’t been encouraged to take some risks over the years? Maybe it is your belief system that allows that little voice in the head to persuade you that it isn’t a good idea to step outside your comfort and go for it! Maybe that is even happening now. If so does this quote cause you to be resistant and argue in your head with the author? Or does it give you a kick in the backside to take the steps you know you have been procrastinating about? So does that mean, giving yourself an encouraging pep-talk and taking that step you know you need to take to move forward? Have you tried talking to the fears, doubts and anxiety? These emotions will usually pop up when we’re going into something new. Our non-conscious mind is all about keeping us safe so it wants to warn us when we try these new sporting or work related activities. It will also want to take charge when we’re going into a new relationship. When you recognise that it’s time to let go of the stranglehold these limiting beliefs have over you, and you persuade the uncomfortable emotions to take a back seat for a while, you can set your intention to achieve what it is that you want and go for it!

Enjoy working towards your dream!

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