Are You a Worry Wart?

“Worrying does not take away tomorrow’s troubles, it takes away today’s peace.”  Anon

I’m sure we all worry over something at some time. Sometimes over big things, but mostly over small inconsequential things that become bigger and bigger as we allow ourselves to engage with possibilities of ‘what if!’ All worries and fears we are told are about the future. Whether they are ‘real’ or not, our bodies respond in the same stressed way. With increased heart rate and breathing, tense muscles and increased blood pressure. This means things like digestion and the immune system are not getting the attention they need. If this goes on for any length of time, those systems not getting attention, start ‘misbehaving.’

So rather than taking away troubles in the future it could in fact be increasing them, while at the same time preventing us living a life of peace and calm in the moment. Do you have a daily practice of sitting quietly without the phone, television or other interruptions? A time to focus on the breath as it goes in & out of the body bringing life to all our cells. A time to resist the worry thoughts spinning but not judging if they do. Criticising ourselves because we haven’t done something ‘properly’ is not helpful. Let me know how you feel, as you let go of the tension created by worry, fear and anxiety.

Enjoy the worry-free peace of today!

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