Are You Allowing or Resisting?

“There is only allowing or resisting, allowing or denying, letting in or keeping out the abundance that you deserve.  When your resistance stops, your abundance will come.”  Esther Hicks

Let’s be clear here abundance is a very spiritual word that can cover anything in the universe.  Are you aware of how abundant you feel in relationships, health, experiences and yes of course money?  Do you have a mind-set of not enough, just enough or more than enough?  You cannot think and feel abundance and lack at the same time.  It’s one or the other.  Sometimes it may feel like you are feeling them both but often it is more a switching between them.  I have talked before about people who have an abundant thought and wonder why it never manifests.  This may be because that thought is the only ‘positive’ one followed by a stream of why it won’t happen, couldn’t happen for you and so on.

Recently I was reminded of the analogy of a stream.  Sometimes it can feel like hard work as you row or paddle up the stream.  As this quote says we can choose to go with the flow of the stream and allow that flow to take you without effort.   Were you told as a child that you had to work hard to achieve?  If so that belief of how life should be can dominate your approach.  What if you were to notice the abundance of air for you to breathe, how we in NZ and most western countries can just turn a tap and get abundant water, and I don’t know about you, but I certainly have an abundance of emails and I can make them more abundant very easily. Then notice how that abundant thought energy attracts other types of abundance.

Enjoy allowing the abundance to flow!

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