Are You Allowing Resentment to be a Squatter in Your Head?

“Hanging on to resentment is letting someone you despise live rent-free in your head.”  Esther Lederer/Ann Landers

So how do you treat yourself? The Institute of Heart Math has research that shows that without intervention, 5 minute of anger resulted in disharmony in the hearts rhythms which was still there 6 hours later. Any of the ‘negative’ emotions have the ability to disrupt the coherence of the heart rhythm. If we allow that to happen we have only ourselves to blame, not the person out there who has done something that we have allowed to upset us. We are the only ones who then pay for that indulgence for another 6 hours if we don’t intervene.

Yes I know, the years of conditioning from parents, teachers, society and so on have created certain beliefs in us that we continue to hold on to years later. If we don’t want to react in the same old way, hanging on to resentments and heart disharmony, then we have to take some steps, make some changes. If we don’t, we just repeat the same old patterns of behaviour. We hold on to our beliefs and patterns in every cell of our body, not just allowing them to ‘live rent-free in our head.’  So when will NOW be a good time to say, “No,” to those outdated resentments? When are you going to de-clutter?

Enjoy cleaning out the cobwebs of resentment!

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