Are You Always Looking on the Bright Side?

“Be an encourager. The world has plenty of critics already.”   Dave Willis

I have spoken before about how our world can change when we change our perspective. To recognise that we are in fact being critical we need to observe ourselves in action day in & day out. It can be helpful to write down some of the things that are happening & how we responded before we can actually see the patterns we are setting up. Only when we see that, can we change it. Encouragement can even come in the form of a smile or a heartfelt hello to a stranger on the street. We will never know how much that sign of a basic goodness in humanity, may make to another’s life.

I have to say I have struggled at times with this myself having been brought up in a household that although loving was also judgemental. If I’m feeling tired or threatened in any way I can quickly fall into a shutdown where I’m the one needing the encouragement.  The inner critic can have a field day finding all the faults of my behaviour. I’m constantly checking in to find out, ‘why did I behave in a negative way,’ when I’m aware that the feel good sensations are not there. Are you aware of situations where you can be open and caring, and other situations when you shutdown. It’s only with this honest appraisal, that we can change our approach to life. Take care however in this process that you don’t allow your inner critic to take over. That will only make you feel worse. So take note and move on to practising forgiveness and encouragement to yourself and others.

Enjoy looking at life from the bright side!

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