Are you Choosing Fear?

“F.E.A.R has two meanings: ‘Forget Everything And Run,’ or ‘Face Everything And Rise.’ The choice is yours.”  Zig Ziglar

Whenever we fear something our body responds with the stress hormones, just as it does to worry and anxiety. These emotions are about the future and as we have no control over what happens in the future, it can be a fruitless exercise. The other thing that happens is that our frontal cortex shuts down. Our frontal cortex is responsible for our intellectual thinking that separates us from other animal species. If it shuts down we can’t ‘think straight’ and we revert to using the hindbrain as other animals do. This is how children used to be taught, in fear of the teachers strap. The normal cognitive function of our brains goes on holiday. We forget things, we get confused and our decision making processes are not as clear as they could be.

As Zig Ziglar says, we have the choice in any given moment to live in fear and worry over every little thing, or look at the facts and choose to let the stress go. Unfortunately we often look at the facts from a perspective that has been conditioned by our parents, teachers and other significant adults. I may get the same news as you, we may both worry and fear what could happen, but it could be about completely different aspects. Or then again one of us may not fear anything at all. It takes a lot of energy to cope with all those stressful hormones flooding our bodies continuously. If you’re feeling tired a lot of the time just check what you’re holding on to and recognise that changes and the desire to move forward may create some Fear. You could choose to see it as the greenlight to move towards your desires.

Enjoy ‘Rising’ through the F.E.A.R!

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