Are You Comfortable with Change?

“If you don’t like where you are, change it, you are not a tree.”   Jim Rohn

I have always liked the simplicity of Jim Rohn’s pearls that he peppered throughout his presentations, his CDs etc. Not all his own of course but to the point, never-the-less. All our thoughts create feelings and whether those feelings are of pain or pleasure will initiate an activity that will push us away from the pain or pull us towards the pleasure. Just knowing this fact is not enough. We have to be aware of what we are feeling to begin to notice what our thoughts are. Only by changing those thoughts are we able to change our circumstances. I teach my clients to do a tune in, which is like a short meditation that can become as short as a breath or 2 as we scan the body for what we are feeling physically and emotionally. If we don’t like what we are feeling then as humans we have the ability to change.

This is a form of mindfulness which is gaining a lot of traction because of the thousands of studies that have been done that prove its worth. Schools are incorporating mindfulness into their daily timetable. I follow the work of Mark Waldman, a neuroscientist. He is regularly talking about the power of yawning as a mindfulness technique. He cites academic studies suggesting that yawning plays a key role in arousal, stress reduction, pain regulation and possibly empathetic communication with others. This is one very small change you can make to your daily timetable, and keep up with what your children may be learning at school to calm them down. Mark suggests once every 20 min stretch and yawn – you could set your computer or phone…. to remind you.

Enjoy making this small change in your life!

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