Are You Courageously Moving Through the Fear?

“There’s plenty of intelligence in the world, but the courage to do things differently is in short supply.”  Marilyn Vos Savant

Our education system is all about achieving the grades so that we can move on to the next level of education.  We’ve been told that our schooling is really important, which it is, but we are not always being encouraged to do things our own way.  Instead we may feel we have to do things as we have been taught by our parents or our teachers.  As a human race, a primal need for most of us, is to bond with our fellow humans.  To have the courage to go right when everyone else goes left can be a bit scary, and can cause us to feel alone.

Centuries ago it would have meant certain death if we didn’t stay with the tribe and do exactly as they said, because we could have been kicked out of the tribe and been left to fend for ourselves.  The memory of that can still be carried in our cells and can bring up fear of something bad but unknown about to happen, when we attempt to be different.  Knowing that the fear of being eaten alive by a passing lion is not real, can be the start to accepting the challenge of our passions, desires, and purpose!

Enjoy feeling the fear and having the courage to be different!

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