Are You Expecting Love or Hostility in the World?

“Loving people living in a loving world. Hostile people live in in a hostile world. Same world.  Wayne Dyer

I have an audio recording of Wayne Dyer talking about an incident where he was walking along the beach & met some people coming in the opposite direction. They exchanged words. The couple were new to the district so they were asking Wayne what sort of people lived there. His reply was to ask them where were they from and how had they found living there. They had only complaints and grizzles about their old town. Wayne replied that they would probably find the people here the same.

A little further down the beach he met another couple who stopped to talk. They also were new to the district and asked Wayne about the people in their new area. He replied by asking them also about how had they found the town that they had come from. Their reply was to say how lovely the people were and how much they were going to miss them. Wayne replied that they would probably find the people here the same.

I have never forgotten that short story about the expectations that we have of our environment and how we can influence it purely because of how we think and engage with those around us. Knowing this story, I was able to apply this principle to a situation I was in. I was feeling decidedly ‘out’ of circulation with those around me at an event. That night I purposely changed my view of how it would be the next day so that I wouldn’t go in expecting the same relationships. My day was completely different and how I had envisioned it being the night before. That taught me a big lesson about how much we can influence the outcomes in our lives.

Enjoy influencing your life’s outcomes!

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