Are You Focusing on Pain or Pleasure?

“The truth is we can learn to condition our minds, bodies & emotions, to link pain & pleasure to whatever we choose.  By changing what we link pain & pleasure to, we will instantly change our behaviours.”  Tony Robbins.

While will power can take us down a path we want to go, there are easier ways to create what we want in our lives. For example, most of us associate dieting and exercising with feelings of deprivation, which makes a goal like losing weight seem like an endless uphill battle. If through hypnotherapy we reprogram the mind to associate positive feelings with the behaviours we want to maintain, it
becomes natural and even easy to fulfill our goals. Whenever we make choices and say ‘no’ to one thing, we are then available to say yes to something else – something that may be more in line with what you want, or that excites you. In other words it is linked to more pleasure. And the more we are seeing from neuroscientific research, the more we understand how much the mind has to do with repeating the old patterns or choosing some new ones.

Sometimes we are so busy listening to the negative messages in the brain, that have been going around & around, ‘like a cracked record,’ we don’t stop to listen to the messages coming from our body for example the heart and gut. The messages that say, stop being so unkind to yourself, the messages that tell us when we are feeling good instead of focusing on the ones that tell us we are feeling bad and the messages that help us focus on the pleasures of life rather than focusing on the pain. When we connect with the pleasure, the good feelings, we change the vibration that others are feeling from us. Here in New Zealand we have public holiday today to recognize those who fought to have our working week reduced and better treatment by our employers. Sounds like focusing on pleasure to me.

Enjoy pushing the pain into the shadow and focus on what feels good!

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