Are You Following Your Vision and Goals?

“Successful people pay more attention to their visions & goals than to history & the opinion of others.”  Alan Cohen

History is useful because it has brought us to where we are today.  It has given us all our experiences in life & has made us who we are.  It can be helpful to use as a guide as to whether we should be continuing to do what we are currently doing or whether we should make some changes.  What is not helpful is using that history as an excuse for reasons why we aren’t achieving what we would desire.  We’ve all probably heard the statement, “that it is madness to continue doing what we’ve always done expecting a different result.”  Every moment is the beginning of the rest of our lives & whatever we are doing or thinking now influences the results we get in the future!

Another quote I like that I’ve heard from the great motivator, Les Brown – “Don’t let someone else’s judgement become your reality!”  We all have access to our own inner guidance system which has more truth than the comments well-meaning friends & family make.  Start listening to that ‘gut feeling’ as a guidance system for the direction you should be taking in life.  Yes it may be scary when we are being asked to step up into something new, especially if we use our history as a guide as to our potential.  If we focus on our visions & goals, as Alan Cohen suggests the successful people do, we may surprise even ourselves with the opportunities that open up, to help us reach a potential we hadn’t realized was in us!

Enjoy focusing on your visions & goals!

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