Are You Letting Go When You Need To?

“All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and hanging on.”  Anon

Years ago when I first started this personal development work I was told by one coach as a throw away statement, “You need to let go.”  I spent a long time after that trying to work out what it was I was meant to be letting go of.  Now, after my own training as a coach I have realised how we are all being driven by our subconscious beliefs.  Some of these are positive and empowering so of course we want to hang on to those.

Unfortunately most of us also experience events or processes in our families or at school, that are less than supportive.  Letting them go can be part of our life’s work. Some are not so important or deeply ingrained and we find it easier to let those go.  But the ones that have caused deep scars need more work to keep reminding ourselves that at our core, our authentic self is love and compassion.   That we are good enough, that at our core we are good people and that we deserve to be supported and understood.  However your beliefs may be pushing that support and understanding away.  Often we develop coping skills and believe we don’t need help.  We wall our needs up and hang on to them instead of letting them out.   What needs do you have that you are keeping to yourself?

Enjoy getting a good balance of hanging on and letting go!

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