Are You Like a Dog With a Bone?

“It’s not about perfect. It’s about EFFORT. And when you implement that effort into life, every single day, that’s where transformation happens. That’s how change occurs. Keep going. Remember why you started.”

I’m in an organisation that is trying to help all of us who are enrolled, to do exactly what this quote is about. They call it the DMO or daily Method of Operation. They are encouraging us to ‘implement any effort’ we are putting into our business, ‘every single day.’ Depending on our personality and the way we have been brought up, we may strive for perfection. In doing so, we don’t actually do the activity regularly because we can’t achieve that perfection and give up, only to try again in a day or 2 when we get the nudge from our coach or mentor. It is that persistence that Napoleon Hill talks about in his book, ‘Think and Grow Rich.’ He says, “this quality is to character what carbon is to steel.” Knowing WHY you are doing what you are doing is an important driver. Having the desire and the WHY is paramount to get anything started, but we need the added will power to keep us going when things get tough.

For a lot of people those times are tough right now! Giving up is not really an option unless you have a rich benefactor who is there to prop you up. The problem is, when we give up we can resort to victim thinking…. Blaming and justifying are 2 characteristics of being a victim. And the problem with feeling like a victim is that our situation can only get better when that other person, workplace or government, changes that thing that is affecting us. The only way to move forward is to reframe the problem, refocus our attention to a solution and redirect our energy to get the result we want for ourselves, rather than waiting for someone or something else to change. When you go to the doctor he makes his diagnosis and based on that, he might dish you out a prescription. He has several different choices and you may not respond the way you would like to the first option. But the doc and you, presuming he has the diagnosis correct, will search until you find the magic solution. If your WHY doesn’t change, then you may have to look at more than one solution before you make the change you desire. The responsibility is yours, the persistence is yours and then the effort that pays off is YOURS!

Enjoy doing a reframe and refocus, then redirect your energy into that solution daily!

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