Are you Living Your Dreams our Your Fears?

“Too many of us are not living our dreams, because we are living our fears.”

My journey along this personal development started with a state of fear that for a long time wouldn’t let me go. This was mainly because I didn’t know how to. Dreams that my husband and I had been working towards together had all gone when he died. I had forgotten how to dream on my own and the fear had taken over and I didn’t know how to change the track on the record. I was told that nature abhors a vacuum, and if I let the fears go, I could attract more pleasant and positive things into my life. It took me a while to get that combination right for me. After 2 or 3 ‘failures,’ I found the love I have for coaching pop up, and the fear disappeared. I’m not saying the fear has gone for good and I’m not sure that’s a reality anyway. But rather than the fear being in control, I have taken that job back now.

We are all different and for some, this scary step of moving through the fear into the unknown may be more difficult than for others. We may have an awareness that it isn’t ok to fail so it takes more focus, courage, and determination to pursue the dreams we want.  For others who are blessed with more ‘get up and go,’ and belief in themselves, it may be easier and they may find it hard to understand what the fearful ones are going through. However you have probably heard that challenges make us stronger and we could learn more from the experiences that we have worked through. So give yourself some time each day to dream, this may help the steps we need to take to surface, and yes we may feel some fear but we will all feel so much better about ourselves if take the first step and then the next. Before you know it, you’ll be living at least part of your dream.

Enjoy moving towards your dream!

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