Are You Living Your Purpose?

“Knowing your purpose can dramatically enhance your experience in life. Purpose driven people experience more fulfilment, more success and often greater rewards than other people.  Paradoxically, people who set out to live their purpose often make more money than people who set out to make money.  Timothy Kelly

Wow, I have just spent most of this year working on one of Tim’s courses and my inner work has been encouraged to expand the horizons I had had seen until 2014. This has opened up a new awareness of myself, and further clarity around my purpose, pointing me in a slightly different direction – just a few degrees.  It is like leaving school with a level of knowing about the subjects you have done, and then reaching a whole new level when you go on to some tertiary study.

We may have an umbrella idea of a dream or desire of something we want to do with our lives and if we keep focused on that, we may take what can look like a zig zag path to get there, rather than the straight line we had expected.  It may be that you need to learn some new skills along the way, or the subconscious blocks causing you to procrastinate have slowed you down as you deal with them and open yourself up to new beliefs.  My commitment to helping as many people as I can, to lead a more fulfilling life than they are currently, hasn’t changed.  It has been strengthened by the clarity I am now bringing to myself and my clients.  It has been an exciting process.

Enjoy living Your Purpose!

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