Are You Seeing Roses or Thorns?

We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.” Abraham Lincoln

When I was training to be a life coach we were continually being reminded that our job is to help our clients reframe, refocus and/or redirect. How we have been brought up, whether from family and friends, teachers or society in general, has conditioned most of us to look at life from a particular perspective. Along the way we may learn that our view is not the only view. That may come as a shock or a pleasant surprise. The sub-conscious mind can be pretty persistent in reminding us of this view. We need to do something conscious to make the changes we know we need to make. There is a lot of talk about affirmations. Sometimes doing this can create a battle inside us, as the mind keeps reminding us of how things have been, and its job is to keep us safely entrenched with that view. One slight change to the wording can ‘trick’ the mind into allowing us to make changes.

Meridian Tapping or what you may know as Emotional Freedom Technique, can use a phrase that starts “I choose or I am choosing.” Somehow the mind doesn’t see this as quite the threat as it would, if we used a more concrete statement that conflicts with its view. I have just watched a hypnotherapist, Marisa Peer, on a facebook post. Her big thrust to the world is about changing the views of people who don’t think they are enough in some way. Her statement, that she suggests you put up all around your home is, “I AM ENOUGH.” She then backs this up with, “I have chosen to do this,” and “I have chosen to feel great about it.” Try putting these statements into your daily life and see how quickly your world view changes.

Enjoy picking those roses despite the thorns!

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