Are You Wasting Precious Energy Worrying?

“Don’t worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try.”  Jack Canfield

We are being told over and over that there is no such thing as failure. When we feel like we haven’t achieved what we want, it should be considered as feedback, as a way something shouldn’t be done, as a way to put down as experience as we find a way that it can work. Most of the things we take for granted in life, someone has had to go through several attempts to get the finished product. So putting that worry energy into, ‘how else can I do it’ energy is going to be more productive in the long term. Worry itself, whatever it is about, can be a waste of energy as it’s usually about the future, so you could be spoiling today ruminating over something that might not even happen tomorrow.

I think this is where the terminology of pessimist or optimist comes in. If we are a ‘glass half empty’ person, we are more likely to be thinking about what could go wrong, than the optimist who could be excitedly looking at the future where most things are going to plan. It’s not that they have rose tinted glasses and believe that nothing is going to go wrong, it’s more that they know they can handle the setbacks and that they will get there if they stick at it long enough. I’m not sure that I want to worry about the chances I’ll miss when I don’t even try. It’s energy that I would prefer to put into looking out for the opportunities to try. In fact I think sometimes I do too much of that, balancing too many spinning tops. Instead of thinking “What if,” in a negative sense, start thinking “What if,” in a positive sense. You will find your energy lifting and when it does, you will attract more things into your life that have a higher energy as well.

Enjoy changing your level of energy vibration!

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