Are You Winning in 2017?

“The winner is the one who is willing to get out on the field and play the game.”  Vince Lombardi

A lot of my life I have felt as though I have the brakes on. I have had a sense that I could do more but progress has been slow. I have made progress though because I am in the game taking steps each day albeit baby steps. I was doing some work today and had a sudden realisation that if I can do as much as I have with the breaks on, how much more progress could I be making if I let the brakes off. We all do it from time to time, maybe all the time, but at least most of us are out there in life doing all we know how to find the next step to take, to find the path we should be on.

Are you aware of what it is that is slowing your progress or in fact bringing you to a complete halt in the area you have chosen to follow your dreams? Are you listening to the inner critic that is telling you, you aren’t good enough, that you’re not going to make it, or whatever version you have spinning around and around in the CD of your mind? Don’t listen to that old stuff. Bring a new version into play that is more empowering. Winning is not about a competitive race to the finish line of life. Winning is about taking power over those voices in the head, telling them that things have changed, you no longer believe what someone said to you in an off moment back when you were 3. It’s time to listen to the new positive CD message and step into life with a whole new outlook.

Enjoy kicking those critical messages to touch!

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