Calmness at the Eye of the Storm

“The cyclone derives its power from a calm centre.  So does a person.”  Norman Vincent Peale

It’s that silly season where life can feel like a stormy sea or like a hurricane.  As we fit in one end-of-year function after another, we’re getting very close to the end of mailing dates, the cake hasn’t been made yet, oh & what can I buy for Uncle Jim?  We promise ourselves it’s not going to be like this next year, but here we are again rushing around in ever diminishing circles.  As our stress levels increase we are operating from a higher & higher level of nervous tension that we can control if we are willing to accept that there might be another way.

For some, & this used to include me, meditation is a dirty word.  My understanding, lead me to believe that it had to be a certain way, that I had to get an empty mind.  Because I come from a background of clinical reasoning, it wasn’t until someone explained to me the physiological benefits to being still & quiet (the word meditation left out of the equation), that I was prepared to take the concepts on board.  We were shown different ways to do this because we don’t all feel comfortable doing things the same way.  When I recognised how much better I felt when I routinely stopped my busyness, I understood why people over the centuries have got hooked on meditating.  Nuns & monks used to take themselves off for days at a time to meditate, but most of us can’t afford this luxury.  It is the dilemma of our modern world to bring some calm to the stormy sea.  Research has shown that we don’t need the hours of meditating each day to lower the stress response in our bodies.  10 min could be enough if done daily.

Enjoy finding your calmness at the eye of the storm!   Robyn


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