Can You Let Go?

“When people walk away, let them.  Your future is not about people who walk away…. it’s about the people who stay in it for the ride.”   Anon

This can be a hard one to understand when you’re going through the grieving of losing someone you thought was there for ever.  Sometimes we can be in a relationship that actually isn’t that good for us, but it is known, and we can’t see how life could be without them.  We are told that everyone comes into our lives comes for a reason – and now the time has come for them to let you go, so you have the opportunity to grow in a different direction.  Often we are so attached that we don’t see it until later when we develop new relationships.

Meanwhile we have other relationships to be grateful for, people who still want to share their lives with us.  People who may be grateful for the contribution we can make in their lives, where the ties are still strong and need to be nurtured.   We may find that there is now a vacuum that attracts new people and relationships that are exactly what we need, that we wouldn’t have attracted had we clung onto the old.  In Chinese medicine the grief process is about attracting new experiences and people into our lives, but being able to let go when the time is right.

Enjoy looking forward!

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