Change the Record

“Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”  Anon

When I was first consciously going along my personal development pathway, I had a coach who told a story of herself as a teenager getting pregnant, and 6 months after the baby was born she was very ill, needing surgery to remove a diseased kidney.  A nun came into the room to offer a prayer before her surgery the next day.  She said, “You know everything is created twice, once in the mind and then again physically.  I know you love your little boy and I believe there is a connection between all the toxic thoughts you have been having around the shame of your pregnancy and the toxicity of your kidneys.”  This was in the 1960s when all the knowledge we have about the mind wasn’t common and there weren’t loads of self-help books on the bookshelves as there are today.

The nun’s conversation started my coach on her path of enquiry about the power of the mind, because there was a thought from the doctors that she may not survive, but she did.  I have talked in the past about the steps of the conscious mind having a thought, the first creation, the subconscious getting emotionally involved, an action taking place and then finally the result, the physical creation.  If we are unable to change that creative thought we will be unable to change the physical creation.

Enjoy choosing to change the thoughts that are not creating the results you want!

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