Choices, Choices, Choices, What Do I Do?

“I am who I am today because of the choice I made yesterday.”   Eleanor Roosevelt

I know that the Law of Attraction stuff, the Quantum Physics stuff or the metaphysical stuff is all a bit woo woo for some. However the work coming from the energetic back ground is showing us again and again that we can co-create our future with the thoughts we had yesterday as Eleanor Roosevelt is saying, or today, going forward. Those thoughts can be reactionary to what is going on around us and so not a conscious decision or choice, but a choice none-the-less. We can choose not to act in that reactionary way and think or feel into another way of responding to the situation. That is definitely a possibility, and takes some work to be mindful to the response we want to make in the moment. If I’m being triggered by some old memories or beliefs I may respond in an old way that I really didn’t intend and create a situation that I’m not happy about.

Each one of those choices and creations that I have made up to the present moment produced ‘the me,’ I am right now. Those experiences are all stored in the part of the brain which is more of a subconscious activity so I’m not aware of where that choice came from. This makes it hard to change, if we can’t see the thought that created the action in the first place. This is where noticing throughout the day what we are feeling is the key to unlocking that particular door. If you are not feeling good then what you are thinking is at the root of that feeling. If you want to change it, you need to choose a thought that helps you to feel good, which then causes you to act in a different way, so that tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, continue to create a different you, a you that has been chosen. Sound easy?  Have a try!

Enjoy changing your feelings by changing your thoughts every day, and see where you get to!!

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