Comfort versus Risk

“For the most part, most people most often choose comfort – the familiar, the time-honoured, the well-worn but well known.  After a lifetime of choosing between comfort and risk, we are left with the life we currently have.”  John Roger and Peter McWilliams.

I’ve talked in the past about the part our subconscious plays in our lives.  Yes it is responsible for keeping our heart ticking and lungs breathing etc.  But it is also about keeping us safe.  If you can think of the subconscious as a family of different members who all have a stake in what you do in  your life, and think of those different members and how they might be keeping you safe in their own way.  You may have a protector, a procrastinator, an inner critic, a cynic, a perfectionist, a distractor  or any number of other parts that try to influence you as you journey through life.     

Sometimes we have a habitual emotional response or a limiting belief that affects our choices between staying in our comfort zone or stepping forward into what some of our parts might consider a risk not worth taking.  Recognising that all these parts are there for our own good, may help us to accept that these parts want to be loved for the hard work they do on our behalf, on a daily basis.  So if you don’t want the life you currently have and you want to make changes for your future good, you may need to have a conversation with these parts and negotiate a new path.  This might sound stupid, but just remember the conversations you are already having in your head each day.

Enjoy negotiating your future!   Robyn

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