Decisions and discipline Go Hand in Hand!

“There is a saying, that decision & discipline weigh ounces; regret weighs tons.  Whatever decision you can make that seems right to you today – use just a little bit of discipline to bring it about.”

I remember when my husband and I owned motels, if we didn’t sell all our units each night we could never sell those unit nights again. It is not like a book sitting on the shelf which can be sold tomorrow if not sold today. I think life is a bit like that. We only get so many minutes in life, some more than others. When we decide to say yes to some things it means we are saying no to others. Every minute of the day we have to prioritize what is important to us and what is not. Research has been done interviewing people in their later years as to the regrets they have. It is not usually things like being at work more. It is things like spending more time with their children or loved ones.

Of course the decision is a part of the equation but following through on that decision with discipline is the other part. We need to look at the end of the day to see what is it that stopped us from bringing discipline to bear to the decisions we have made. Sometimes if I’m tired I find it easier to be attracted to activities that don’t take a lot of concentration, like doing a Sudoku. So maybe one of my decisions could be to get to bed at a better time so that tomorrow my discipline is stronger. You’ve probably heard a million times, that it is your WHY that will keep you focused and disciplined. Making sure you know why it is important that you follow through on your decisions, will help you when the challenges come along.

Enjoy the pride that comes with discipline!

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