Do The Impossible

“You must do the things you think you cannot do.”  Unknown

Are you aware of how many times a day you have an internal dialogue that tells you can’t do something, that it’s not the right time, that you’re not good enough, that…the list goes on?  Mostly this is because we have been conditioned some time in our past to believe these lies we are telling ourselves day in and day out.  Often a jangle of anxiety comes up as a representation of the fear we are feeling about tackling this new activity.  Especially if we have tried something like that in the past and we have made a mistake, or messed up in some way.

But how about if we were to use this very thing we are nervous about doing, as a ‘wake up call.’  To look at this old story and say no to that part of you that is continuing to repeat the excuses.  It’s time to see how those old stories and excuses have got you nowhere (or at least not where you want to be).  They are blocking you from living a more purposeful & fulfilling life.  Claim your greatness and your potential today by doing what you have been thinking is impossible.

Enjoy doing what you think you cannot do!

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