Do You Approve of Yourself?

“Remember you have been criticising yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.”  

I don’t know about you men but we women are pretty good at doing the self-criticism thing for a lot of our lives. I talked a couple of weeks ago about a saying that hypnotherapist Marisa Peer keeps repeating, about making what is familiar, (criticising yourself) unfamiliar, and making what is unfamiliar, (talking positively to yourself) familiar. I was just listening to one of her audio tacks the other day and she likens how we didn’t know how to drive a car or use a computer at one stage of our lives, but we’ve made that familiar because we want to get about & keep up with the technology of the world.

As young children we all learn behaviours that we are definitely familiar with but which are not serving us or empowering us now that we are adults. Things that we did as a child to keep safe and hopefully produce love are habitual and they feel like habits that could be too hard to break. This depends of course on how addicted we are to criticising ourselves.  We get to choose to understand that just because something was familiar when we were children, is not a good enough reason to keep it going. It is no longer appropriate or necessary or relevant. It isn’t even remotely interesting for me to keep things familiar just because they were familiar then. From all the research about praise and how our whole physiology changes when we are praised or when we praise someone else, you can appreciate the changes you can make to yourself quickly if instead of criticising yourself you can come up with some praise on a regular basis

Enjoy approving of yourself daily.

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