Do You Ask For What You Want?

“Everything that you are going through is preparing you for what you asked for.”

So what is it that you have asked for? It was the bible that gave you permission to ask for what you want. Are you struggling to believe that you deserve what you want or whether you are worthy? Or have you been brought up to believe that it isn’t ok to ask for what you want. My mother was brought up in a strict girl’s boarding school where they weren’t even allowed to ask for the salt or pepper, so imagine the barriers that she could have had around asking for what she wanted. It can be hard to move past these barriers especially if we don’t know they are there.

Once you are clear about what you are asking for, you then need to keep your vibration high enough to attract what you want. Those setbacks that appear to be slowing you down may be giving you some much needed information or experiences that you are going to need very soon to help you reach your dream. So often when things happen that we hadn’t asked for, we may find it difficult to see the gift while we are in the struggle. We definitely didn’t want this challenge landing in our laps right now. What if this experience is exactly what you need to move another step closer to your dream? Do you find it easy to trust that these ‘lessons’ are for your own good?

Enjoy learning the lesson!

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