Do You Believe You are One of a Kind?

“You were born an original. Don’t die a copy.”

We’re told the probability of how many millions of sperm fight to fertilise an egg and therefore how special and unique we are. Apparently there is no one else in the world like us and I haven’t the time to bother trying to dispute that. We may have physical characteristics and ways of behaving that are like other family members but ultimately none of them are exactly like YOU. Knowing that to be true can be a catalyst to utilise the talents you have and make a difference in the world. It doesn’t have to be like the first person to fly to the moon or create Virgin airlines. But even as a parent we can chose to bring our children up with certain beliefs that ultimately help them reach their potential and recognise their own uniqueness.

Looking into someone else’s life from the outside may look appealing. We may think they are achieving something we are not. For whatever reason we may strive to be like them and in so doing neglect the talents and skills we have to offer the world.  For some people it can feel uncomfortable to step outside the crowd, be the tall poppy that we love to hate in New Zealand. To neglect to live our purpose can cause us to feel unhappy or even ill. This uniqueness will continue until the day we die. Don’t allow the fears you have, stop you from being that unique being you came into the world to be, so you die with all your dreams and desires fulfilled as unique as you were when you were born.

Enjoy being YOU!

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