Do You Deserve to be Everything You Have Dreamed of Being?

“You owe it to yourself to be everything that you’ve ever dreamed of being.”

I have been on a training this weekend and we have been reminded that we need to be disciplined and consistent if we want to achieve what we want in life. However I am constantly finding clients who keep ‘falling over,’ and this is what our coaching sessions are about, to find out what is in their belief system that is causing this to happen. This quote was on an exercise & healthy eating website & I was reminded of a book, “Childhood Disrupted, How Your Biography Becomes Your Biology and How You Can Heal,” written by Donna Jackson Nakazawa. In the research she did for the book she found that there is an Adverse Childhood Event/Experience questionnaire that closely correlates the major illnesses we can have as we get older, and end up in hospital.

The doctor who came up with the concept of the questionnaire was having great results with people with a lot of weight to lose but he found a group of them would fall off the wagon just as they were about to hit their goal weight. On questioning, he found that a high percentage of them had had some trauma as a child in their formative years. They then took that same questionnaire into the hospitals to 26,000 white collar workers who had been admitted with heart attacks, cancer, autoimmune diseases and major depression. There was a very high correlation, and the childhood events weren’t always as major as we might all think. One of the worst was inconsistency in the behaviour of the parents, with children never quite knowing what Mum or Dad was going to be like today, so they became hypervigilant leading to anxiety that carried on into adulthood.

So next time you feel yourself letting go of another dream, remember that it may not all be your fault. We don’t want to stay hung up in blame, but we can start to be understanding and loving towards ourselves for whatever our form of ‘wounding’ is, and remind ourselves that was then, and we don’t have to live by those same rules any more. We can step forward into everything we have ever dreamed of being.

Enjoy taking steps towards your dream. You owe it to yourself!

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