Do You Feel Old?

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”   Les Brown

Some of you may know that my tagline is ‘Youth and Vitality at Any Age.’ This is because I truly believe in this quote of Les Brown’s. It saddens me to think that people put themselves on the scrapheap when they reach a certain age, because they have been brought up to believe that. In New Zealand we get a handout from the government at age 65 so for a lot of people that is the age when you are old. I don’t buy into that. May be I’m a late starter but I have more goals and dreams I want to achieve yet. It has helped that modern medicine has made it possible for people to continue to live healthy active lives for longer & I’m not judging those who retire & live a different dream of retirement than mine. As long as they continue to do what feels good in their hearts.

If people continue to live into their hundreds as a lot of folk are now doing, there is a lot of living to be done between 65 and 100. But why wait until then to find your purpose and find more meaning in your life. If we have a certain emptiness inside that we are having trouble filling, it may be as simple as doing things that really light us up. At the end of last year I saw a video clip of a couple doing ‘swing dancing.’ That looks like fun to me and I’m keen to give it a go. Anyone else want to join me? I’ll finish off with another quote from Les Brown, “What is it that you’re going to do differently? In order to do something you’ve never done, you have to become someone you’ve never been.”

Enjoy continuing to dream and set goals!

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