Do You Hang on to Guilt?

“Guilt is to the spirit what pain is to the body.”

We are told that guilt is a waste of time especially if it is about something that you have done from your everyday conditioned self. You haven’t intentionally gone out to hurt someone or make someone else feel bad, but you have behaved in a way that you feel bad about. “What possessed me? What came over me? What was I thinking?” The trouble is we have done something that didn’t require thinking, you may have responded to a situation in a way that you were taught or you picked up when younger, but now you realise isn’t actually the way you want to respond, so you feel the natural feeling of guilt. What possessed you was a conditioned behavioural response.

In fact those responses you have made, may actually be coming from the conditioned place but so also is our judgement of that response. What you have just said or done may not have done any harm to someone else or that person may have felt harm, because they are also coming from their conditioned being. It is a real web of beliefs and thoughts around those beliefs that cause us so much angst. Realising that feeling guilt doesn’t actually change anything in the other person or around the situation you have created, all it does, is affect your own physiology. The more stress we feel, the more cortisol that is being pumped out into our body. The more we can let go of the judgement & critical thoughts we direct to ourselves, the more likely we are to be releasing the feel good hormones such as oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine. We all have a choice, even though it may feel more difficult to stay in the less critical state at times.

Enjoy feeling the love of oxytocin and dopamine!

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