Do You Trust Your Relationships?

“Communication is critical to developing mutually beneficial and mutually enjoyable relationships.  Relationships require trust, and one of the best ways to develop trust is to focus on helping the other person feel heard and understood.”  Jack Canfield

One of the core limiting beliefs that people have, is they are not heard or understood.  Often this will come from our parents or teachers who have a belief themselves, that children shouldn’t have as much to say as the adults, and may shut them up regularly.  The child then grows up believing they don’t have anything to offer or that no one wants to listen to them.  This then gets reflected back to them through the Law of Attraction.  Their friends, their significant other, and even their children don’t appear to be taking much notice of them.

Think back to a new relationship that has worked out from day one.  Usually there is a feeling that this new person is listening and has made it clear that they have heard you correctly and understood what you have said.  ‘Being present,’ which means listening with 100% attention, is one of the biggest gifts we can give another human being.  Knowing that someone is listening, develops the trust needed to feel in our core, that we want to continue this relationship.  This listening skill is essential to make a good connection.  So make it a goal to ask questions that encourage a conversation and actively listen to their reply.  This will help your friends, colleagues and loved ones feel validated.

Enjoy helping others feel heard and understood!

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