Enjoy the Constructive Criticism

“To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.”   Elbert Hubbard

Were you brought up allowed to make mistakes and give things a go?  Often we get wrapped up in cotton wool because our parents just want to keep us safe, they want to protect us from some of the hard knocks they have had to endure over the years.  This can have the effect of causing us to feel the fear of stepping out and taking calculated risks.  The message we may have downloaded over the years, is one of caution, to prevent the criticism that will inevitably arise when we step into something new, a message that may encourage people pleasing.

You know the saying you can never please everyone all of the time, so why live on the side line of life, just in case someone doesn’t agree with what you are trying to do.  Anyone who has made a significant contribution to this world has probably had to face criticism at some stage.  If we choose to sit back & watch life pass us by we could very well feel a sense of frustration and dissatisfaction that we are not achieving what we know we’re capable of.  Recognise that it’s probably the child in you who doesn’t want to be judged, by parents, even if they are no longer around to voice their disapproval.  Forgive them for their limiting guidance & cut the apron strings so you can move on, criticism or not!  A new perspective could be that constructive criticism is welcome.

Enjoy listening to the constructive criticism!

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