Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

I’m sure you have all heard the term ‘the glass half-full or half-empty.’ I am reading a book, “The Millionaire Course,” by Marc Allen at the moment. He has chosen to label one of the chapters about this very subject. He has a quote in there that he hasn’t attributed to anyone else so I’m assuming it is his own. “Each one of us has been given a great gift: the cup of life. It is half full and half empty. We choose which half to focus on, at every moment.” Unfortunately it isn’t always a conscious choice. But if we want to pull ourselves out of the negativity that we can resort to, we need to start focusing consciously on the part of the glass that is half full. As Marc Allen says, “This is the half that contains all our unique gifts and strengths, all our dreams and creative ideas.” The more we can focus on this the more likely we are going to attract what we want into our lives.

A lot of my clients come because they are going through a period of anxiety, fear or depression. It can be hard to focus on the positive when we are feeling so low. But this is what we need to do, to focus on our strengths, to focus on what we are grateful for and focus on the things we want and the way we want to be. Remember, if we didn’t have these dark periods of our life, we wouldn’t appreciate it when we feel good. It’s like yin and yang, we need the contrast. But of course we don’t want to stay there for long periods. The key is to spend more of your time focusing on your strengths, your dreams and the things that are going well. When you do this, the natural laws create more of those things you focus on.

Enjoy focusing on the part of the glass that is half full!

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