Has Your Self-Confidence Been Knocked Around Lately?

“Self-confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it!”

In my day job, so to speak, I work with undergraduate physiotherapy students. At the moment I have one student in particular who is allowing her lack of self-confidence to hold her back. She is self- doubting every decision she has to make. It will come, as she repeats moves and techniques and becomes more familiar with the feel of different tissues and when they are stiff or ‘normal.’ And when she becomes more sure of that, she will have more confidence in her diagnosis, and of course the treatment is based on that decision.

However I saw a woman in her mid-fifties several years ago who had been told all her life how useless she was. When we have been given that information by our primary carers or maybe a teacher, and when that has been repeated enough times, we believe that with every fibre of our being. How can you run a business or make executive decisions if you believe you are useless? It takes a lot of work to let that go, leave it behind and move forward without that anchor weighing us down! We have to do the inner work to believe that we are worthy, or that we deserve to get the results we want when we have worked so hard.

Unfortunately the subconscious is so much more powerful than the conscious mind and it stores all those old memories of when we perhaps didn’t do as well as we would have liked. It remembers and disputes our thought processes when our conscious mind tells us we are worthy, we deserve etc. We all need to kindly but firmly tell that subconscious part of us, that we have chosen to make some changes and we are now ‘rocking it,’ or whatever words feel comfortable for you! They have named it “fake it until you make it,” but it is more than that – we are reprogramming our minds with new words!

Enjoy believing in yourself and owning it!

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