Have You Got New Intentions Coming Out of Lockdown?

“You cannot change anything in your life with intention alone, which can become a watered-down, occasional hope that you’ll get to it tomorrow.  Intention without action is useless.”  Caroline Myss

Think back to yesterday.  What was your intention to do with that day, that would never come again?  Did you take action on your plans – even if that was to take time out to do something restful, relaxing and charging of the batteries? Not making a decision or intention is making a decision that those hours of time are unimportant. It doesn’t mean that we have to jam pack every spare moment with activity but having made a decision to spend a couple of hours with parents or grandparents, can be relaxing down time that is meaningful to your life.

Yes I know it can be overwhelming when we look at our to-do list even on a Sunday, so keep the intentions to a list that could be achieved in a day.  Then celebrate your achievements.

As well as intention of what we want to do, have you thought about how you want to ‘be’ in the day you have ahead of you?  And if so, do the 2 lists match up.  Are you happy, grateful and compassionate or are you so busy ‘doing,’ that you don’t have time to smile or say hello to a stranger. Post Covid-19 I’m fascinated with the number of people who still can’t say hello back or even smile at me when I attempt to connect. I know there is still a lot of fear and anxiety around, so I have to have compassion for them that they can’t even smile when I say hello. I remember years ago when doing our big OE & I went to Austria on a ski trip. The village where we stayed was very little and the residents could have very easily got sick and tired of the influx of visitors in the ski season, but I never ever got a sense of that. There was always a smile on their face, a nod of the head and the words GrÜß Gott which I understood to mean, “may God greet you.” I always felt welcomed by those people. That is an intention, followed by the smallest of actions that speaks volumes.

Enjoy living with intention and action!

Caroline Myss is a medical intuitive, prolific writer and international speaker with work that really makes you think.

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