Have You Had Your Best Days?

“Choose to believe and act as if your best days are ahead – and they most likely will be.”

This can be very challenging for some to believe especially if things are already going well. For those in the thick of a situation that isn’t pleasant they will definitely be hoping that this quote is true. The bottom line is that we are the creator of our lives and if we choose to believe and act as if it is going to be better then it will be. The bible has been quoted, “Ask and ye shall receive.” Scientists have done so much work on this they now know without a shadow of a doubt, that we also need to make sure the word believe is in there. When we honestly believe, we put out a vibration into the universe. We have a part of the brain called the Reticular Activating System (RAS) and its job is to constantly be on the alert to match up from the universe what you have put out as a belief.

Unfortunately most of us also have beliefs that are limiting, that are constantly putting out their own vibrations, that don’t support the one we have consciously thought up. If we are unaware of that we may be flooding the universe with doubts, fears, anxiety and conversations about why it shouldn’t or won’t happen. The RAS then searches to find those circumstances to match the doubts, fears and anxiety. And guess what, it will find more of that, if that is your predominant vibration. This can be a challenging concept to accept the responsibility for our circumstances and I for one don’t want to believe that my best days are behind me. YOU, yes YOU, have the power to create everything in your life.

Enjoy creating those best days ahead!

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