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I was brought up in a household ahead of its time, if I consider the food we were allowed or not allowed to eat. I know some of the sugar stuff was driven by a father who was a dentist – not that he did the whipping into line. We weren’t allowed to eat jam or drink cordial were the 2 main things I remember. So I had a fairly healthy childhood, with just the usual colds & coughs that kids get.

When my children were little I tried to follow my mother’s example, but they seemed to have more than their fair share of bugs going around, so I made an appointment to see a naturopath and that’s where my journey into being more aware of how we can choose to be healthy or not, really started. I sprinkled kelp on their savoury food instead of salt. I blended good oils with butter to avoid using margarine. We had lots of fresh salads rather than the stewed vegetables, my husband had been brought up on. But none of that prevented him from him going down with the big ‘C’ word.

As we were going through his journey of surgeries & treatments, we were introduced to the idea of eating according to your blood type & then another book came out Living According to you blood type. Luckily we were both the same blood group, so it meant only 1 lot of food to be prepared. It was interesting to learn that because we are in the ‘O’ group this meant being aware that we need our protein and don’t handle being a vegetarian that well. We also need cardiovascular exercise whereas those in the other major group…’A’ are happy to do yoga, and we respond to stress differently.

So 5 months ago when I was introduce to the concept of an epigenetic lifestyle, my ears pricked up. This has taken the differences in our human life to a whole new level. What is Epigenetics I hear you ask? You know that we are all born with genes that control the colour of our eyes and hair, but there are some that are can be influenced by our environment and our lifestyle, and they get switched on & off. We want to encourage the ‘good’ ones to stay switched on and keep the ‘bad’ ones off. As research has shown us more and more about how to do that, this science of controlling how our genes are behaving by choosing to eat well, have our exercise and good amounts of sleep, has become a very personalized way of looking after our health.

They have been able to show that there are 6 different types who respond to the world in predictable ways because of their epigenetic type. Each type has a different time scale of when they are best to sleep, eat, work, exercise and socialise. When you talk to people who know what group they are in, it is fascinating how that has changed everything for them….. how their lives flow better when they can do everything at an optimal time for them. I jumped into the opportunity to do an introductory course about this. I loved it so much, I’m about to spend the next 7 months digging deeper so that I can learn how to support others keen to follow their epigenetic type, to a life of flow.

Of course my life coaching sits alongside this well, especially as my style is all about authentically supporting my clients as they journey through the changes they want to make. My decision to spread my attention to health in a way that feels so right, is just another step along the path that started as an awareness as a child. Does this topic interest you at all? Contact me if you want to find out more.

Enjoy growing as you move through life!

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