Hope Versus Despair

“Being hopeful is more important than being realistic. For reality is coloured by our perceptions, opinions, and the ever fragile human emotions. But hope has the power to elevate us. Hope turns our eyes away from the visible and allows us to see the miracle that we need, while it is still far off.”  Scott Johnson

I remember when I first started my journey of personal development and life coaching. I wasn’t in a good place. I remember putting off doing something that had the potential to bring me better results than I had been getting. Why would I put off doing something that could be a winner? I had had a lot of disappointment at that point and I couldn’t face another disappointment. I would rather live in the hopes that things could be better.  A while later I was on a call with a therapist who specialises in EFT or Meridian Tapping. She was saying she had told a friend how tapping could help her problem but when she enquired a couple of weeks later, the friend said she hadn’t started. The therapist couldn’t understand why, when it had the potential to change her life. I almost cried as I related and completely understood how much better it feels to hope, than to have another option disappoint.

Research shows that when we feel good we release completely different hormones than we do when we feel anxious, stressed or depressed. Praise, gratitude and hope are feelings that have the power to lift us and release the feel good hormones. Faith that what we hope for will come about, is the part of the Law of Attraction that can be hard to maintain, when our dreams don’t materialise in the time frame we expect. The uplifting energy of hope can keep us taking action, even baby steps, when there are parts of us that would rather give up. Hope alone is not enough.

Enjoy taking action with hope!

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