How are You Spending Your Coins of Time?

“Time is the coin of your life.  It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent.  Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you.”  Carl Sandburg

I remember in my teenage years being very aware of this and feeling that every minute is special.  However it can and has, caused me to fill every moment up, often at the expense of letting go the hustle bustle so that I can smell the roses.  I’m not sure if things would have changed much if my husband hadn’t died.  That has been a life defining moment for me, recognising that I hadn’t been spending the time I wanted in the sociable and self-nurturing activities that are so crucial to each and every one of us.  Humans need to connect, to bond, to live healthy, fulfilling lives. We need time with Self to feel whole, to feel self-love and to have a sense of purpose.

It certainly can be a balancing act, balancing the yin or nurturing side of us and the yang or activity based side of us. Balancing what we want against what others want.  Learning how to tune into our own body’s wisdom so we KNOW what we want rather than always doing what others want.  Each one of us has our own journey that no one else has the right to try and live for us.  Are you aware of the difference?  Do you really KNOW when you are living your life on purpose?

Enjoy spending your coins of time wisely!

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