How Do You Fertilise Your Mind Garden?

“Your mind is not a cage. It is a garden…..and it requires cultivating.”

Does anyone remember the song put out about 18 months ago by Sara Bareilles called ‘Brave?’ She sings that we can be a victim or we can speak up; that we can allow someone’s harsh words stay inside or we can choose to speak up; that everyone has felt the fear but maybe there is a way out of the cage where we live, maybe we can let the light in. A good garden needs sunlight to grow. Most of us will have seen a weed that is determined to push up through the crack in the concrete, but it won’t turn from white to green until it sees the light.

Our minds are no different. We can muddle along from one day to the next living by default, not by design. When we do this we are often living someone else’s design or desire. The mind just plods along, having been conditioned in our earlier years, to do things the way our ancestors have always done them. You may not realise it is a cage-like existence, until something happens that gives you a new perspective on life. When you realise you are not living your life the way you want to, you will see that you need a good light to shine on the cage that your subconscious mind may have constructed over the years. Even these small ‘Rejuvenating Thoughts’ may shine some light on the way you look at things. With some good water, fertiliser and light the garden of your mind will start to respond to life in a different way.

Enjoy stepping out beyond the walls of your cage and fertilise your mind garden!

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