How Long Can You Hold Your Breath?

“Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it’s letting go.”

The Chinese believe that the Lung energy is about taking on the new but then being able to let go when the time is right, which of course is what we do with the breath. We might think only the in-breath is important as we bring in life-giving oxygen. But like a balloon there is only so much we can take in before we have to let go of the old stale breath and make room for more of the new. The waves of the sea also come and go. Grief is the emotion associated with the Lung energy, not just the grief we feel when someone dear leaves us, but also for other losses such as a job, loss of our health when we are no longer able to do all we could in the past, our youth when everything seems to wear out, or of course the big one at the moment for a lot of people around the world is the pandemic – the grief we feel about the changes we have had to make. If our Lung energy is balanced then we are able to let go appropriately.

However we often feel it is stronger to hold on well past the ‘use by date’ of the relationship, the job or our health. This can be very tiring as we work hard to maintain the status quo. The letting go may be more of an acceptance that things have changed, as things do; a recognition that we actually do have the strength to move forward into the new life. At the moment I have been on a detox with a large group of people. Some are really struggling with what they have had to let go of – foods that are used to eating. When we have ‘managed’ the demons, we find a new strength of achievement. As with all experiences, the new lessons will probably makes us stronger in the long run & will give us the ability to keep repeating the process of ‘letting go,’ with the strength of a balanced Lung energy. This new found strength will give us the self-confidence to face the inevitable changes of life.

Enjoy accepting that life is for ever changing!

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