How Much Fun do You Have in Your Life?

“Life is meant to be fun and abundant. This is your truth!”  David Childerly

A couple of years ago I attended a workshop where the leader asked us to put down the names of 3 people we admired. Mine were Thought Leaders and Change Agents. We were then asked to list the attributes that these people had that attracted us to them. The third step was to notice if there was a common thread. And yes it was FUN! That surprised me, as I am a responsible person. I would have thought it would have had to have been something more ‘meaningful’ than fun.

We all have all attributes in us and if we have noticed them in someone else then they are in us. That sent me on a quest to find out what fun looked like to me. I realised that it can mean so many different things to different people. Coming from a responsible family household I found sport was my legitimate way to have fun as a teenager. I might not be the life and soul of the party but I can enjoy the energy of fun that others create. I don’t judge it as something that should be locked up in a box. I can enjoy watching a humorous movie or the humour of others around me. What is it for you?

Abundance can also look different depending on your perspective. Most people seem to associate abundance with the monetary variety but that does not have to be the only equation you have with the word abundant. I read about someone suggest that we look at the things in our lives that are abundant – I have an abundance of elephants, as I have collected them over the years. Maybe the fun you have in your life is abundant.

Enjoy the fun and abundance in your life!




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