How Often Do You Use Your Imagination?

“I believe in the imagination.  What I cannot see is infinitely more important than what I can see.”  Duane Michals

Napolean Hill wrote the book ‘Think and Grow Rich.’  He devotes a chapter to the imagination and says the imagination is, “the most marvellous, miraculous, inconceivably powerful force that the world has ever known.”  And Einstein agreed.  He said, “imagination is more important than knowledge – that logic will take you from A to B, but that imagination can take you anywhere.”  Children have great imaginations especially from the age of 2 onwards when their brains have been shown to be operating from the same wave pattern as an adult just before they go to sleep – that stage when our imaginations are at their most fertile.

Everyone is creative, not just artists and musicians.  The word creator means, from within.  In our busy worlds, most of us don’t sit still long enough to allow this part of us to extend our creativity beyond planning our day, or business ideas.  Everything physical around us is a manifestation of someone’s thought – their creative thought – their imagination.  Even the lady altering the hem on a garment for me said she gets people coming in with several pictures saying they want, “the neck like this, the seams here and so on.”  They are using their imaginations to envisage what the garment could look like when finished.  Like anything we can develop our imaginations by using them regularly.  How does that work for you?

Enjoy developing your imaginations!

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