How Old Are You, No Really, How Old Are You?

“Whether you are sixteen or sixty, your whole life is ahead of you. You cannot change one moment of your past, but you can change your whole future.”  Matthew Kelly

This may seem pretty obvious to some of you, what’s past is past. But most of us still keep going back over things we can’t do anything about.  We allow it to affect what we are thinking about today. We allow it project forward to things that we believe could turn out the same way again and cause fear, worry and anxiety which spoils the present moment. Even though the past holds some amazing keys for us, and serves as a tremendous teacher, we can’t allow misfortune, difficult experiences and failures to hold us back from a positive future ahead. If we do look back, it should only be as a guide, of what not to repeat.
So many great names in history are seen for the wonderful things they have achieved for mankind. Often what we don’t see, unless we read their biographies, are the trials and setbacks they have had to overcome, to achieve their dreams. They have a passion to use the pain of the past and the pleasure of the dreams ahead of them, to move forward to a different future. As an older person I have felt for some time that we all have the ability to achieve what we want, and it concerns me to see others who have been brought up to see age as a barrier. If you have had a personal email from me, you will see I have in my signature, “Youth and Vitality At Any Age.” Don’t allow the societal values you have been brought up with, in regards to age, to dictate what you want to do with your life, whatever age you are!

Enjoy following your dreams until you die!

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