Intention plus Action!

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

So we’re back to choice again. I’ve just been doing work with my 5th chakra. This is considered by some to be about choice and intention. The 5th chakra is also called the throat chakra and about having the courage to speak our truth. We all have challenges in life but by setting our intention through the 5th chakra and choosing what you want in a powerful way you open yourself up to become the person you decide to be. Through our speaking we communicate who we are to the minds of other people. We are seen, heard and understood.

But before we speak our intentions out into the world, what are we saying to ourselves? Do we put out an intention into the universe and then counteract that with the inner talk that supports the opposite. Write down, what is it that you are saying to yourself that really is negative, not empowering and actually a lie about yourself? “That’s okay, I don’t mind. I can do it.” It can take courage to actually speak our truth, to say yes when we mean yes and no when we mean no. That we’re choosing what we want in that moment. In that moment we are choosing with courage when we say, “I’m going to live with the consequences but this is what I really want.” Be honest about what you are saying to yourself then think, “So what do I really want? Who do I want to be?” Write down the statement, “Even though I’m terrified of …..(failure?), it’s my intention to………”

Enjoy deciding who you want to be!

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