Is it Going to be Discipline or Regret?

“There is a saying, that decision & discipline weigh ounces; regret weighs tons.  Whatever decision you can make that seems right to you today – use just a little bit of discipline to bring it about.”

Oh boy this is a good one for me today as I reflect on some of the decisions I have made that don’t necessarily show a lot of discipline. I love my food & I don’t always eat what I know I should, I……. This could have been a very negative email as I realistically look at what I do and don’t do. Am I not meant to be the coach with all the answers blazing my trail, guiding my readers to be bigger and better? I am human with frailties like everyone else. We all have the shadows I have talked about, that hijack our stress response and cause us to do things we may regret later.

But if we can all have the intention to be disciplined as much as we can each day, we will day by day reach a point where we feel good about ourselves more often, because we have shown some discipline and therefore have less regrets. What is it you would like to have some discipline around today? Choose one thing and be conscious about noticing when you are straying to habitual behaviours that you don’t like or are not proud of. Look into why that is. Is it because of something one of the family ‘committee’ said years ago when you were little? Examine that and check whether that is something you need to adhere to now in 2019 when you are an adult. Keep choosing that one thing until you feel you can accept that in yourself and then you may find you aren’t having to use as much discipline.

Enjoy letting the regrets go!

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